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    If you're looking for pre-approval, fill out the same credit application as before and indicate your interest in this option. We'll use your information to design a budget plan that works best for you. Our online credit application form is fast and secure, so your information is completely safe. At Amherst Nissan, our finance specialists are happy to help you get the financing you need as well as answer any questions that you may have about qualifying for and obtaining an affordable car loan. Feel free to reach out to us in person at our dealership in Amherst, through the contact form on our website, or over the phone at 902-906-6748. We guarantee you'll be smiling from the driver's seat of your brand-new vehicle in no time!

    Your privacy is important to us.

    Amherst Nissan takes your privacy seriously and does not rent or sell your personal information to third parties without your consent. Read our privacy policy.

    Sometimes the need for a new vehicle isn't always planned. Perhaps your previously trustworthy vehicle has been in an accident, needs extensive repairs, or just needs to be replaced. Either way, you weren't prepared for the sudden expense of having to buy a new vehicle, your savings aren't ready for the purchase, and you need a car loan. Fear not, at Amherst Nissan, we can help! Come to our financing department and speak to one of our advisors today!
    When you come to the finance department at Amherst Nissan, we'll show you the options available to you. You can fill out our credit application form online and once we've reviewed it, we'll get back to you with a credit plan that best suits your needs and situation. Amherst Nissan's financial advisors will work with you to get you the financing for the vehicle of your dreams at the rates that work best for you and your budget. We don't care if your credit is good, bad, or non-existent; we'll find options that work best with your credit, regardless of what it is. Getting a car loan from our store in Amherst is a great way to build and repair your credit score. Being able to make monthly payments on your car loan in full shows potential future lenders that you're financially responsible and able to make regular payments, which helps your chances of applying for larger loans in the future.